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15 Copywriting Tricks Apple Masters

7 min read Dec 6, 2023
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Copywriting and language, both powerful tools, can persuade readers to take action in a way that nothing else can. Choosing, playing with, designing, and structuring words creatively is an art that speaks to people’s hearts and plants ideas in their minds. Apple, one of the most popular tech brands, has excellent copywriting. In this article, we’ll share Apple’s copywriting tricks.

1. Rhythm and Shine  

Make music with words that rhyme, and make sure that your copy is enjoyable to read and easy to remember. The goal is to keep the reader interested. That’s why Apple uses copywriting tricks like this more frequently in its copy.


Chill if you spill.

There’s no phone like iPhone.

Groundbreaking filmmaking.

H2O. You’re good to go.

Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

Apple’s Use of Rhythmic Language

2. Single Words, Single Verbs

If you can sum up the point of what you’re doing in a single word, there’s no need to go further. Verbs, especially action words, are words that show action and bring a sense of action to the readers. Action verbs are more convincing than non-action verbs. Therefore, it’s important to use them just like Apple.


Write, sketch, record, stream, create.

Work, play, or create just about anything—anywhere.

Tap. Type. Swipe.

Move, Exercise, and Stand.

Shoot. Scan. And take Center Stage.

Draw, take notes, and mark up screenshots and photos.

Apple’s Use of Single, Action Verbs

3. Repeat the Repetition

Repetition is an effective copywriting technique. Using repetition and emphasizing symmetrical sentences will enhance the beauty of your copy, establish a rhythm, and, most importantly, users will remember you.


Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe.

MacBook Pro, Pro Anywhere.

Studio Quality. Without the Studio.

Easy on the Eyes. Easy on the Fingers.

Crack Resistant / Dust Resistant / Water Resistant

An Illustration of How Apple Incorporates Repetition in Copywriting

4. Give Power to Customers

Powerful words influence people and are used to trigger a psychological response. These words focus on users, help them picture themselves with the product, and invoke their emotions, making the copy more engaging.


It’s your personal portable powerhouse for college.

More speed for all your apps.

High-powered meets “Hi everyone.”

Fitness that revolves around you.

You’ll look your best on video calls.

An Example of Apple’s Empowering Language

5. Use Metaphors

We can use metaphors to give our copy a little bit of flavor. A metaphor states that something is something else to help better understand the ideas. Metaphors can be used to pack a lot of meaning into a single phrase and create a visual representation of the concept.


All your go-to apps run lightning fast in macOS

Magic Keyboard Let Your Fingers Fly.

Magic Keyboard Just Your Type.

Just put on your Apple Watch and take off.

Apple’s Use of Metaphorical Language

6. Money Matters

Apple’s marketing copy often features discussions of money. Its goal is to persuade viewers to buy Apple products. The promise that Apple delivers is related to money. If customers buy from Apple, they can hit two goals with one shot, buy a quality product and save money.


 Save up to $440

Get up to $150 toward a new Apple Watch

Save up to $700 on iPhone 13

Save up to $1000 on iPhone 14 Pro after trade‑in.

Real cash you can use right away.

An Illustration of How Apple focuses on Price Discussions in Copywriting

7. Use Famous Idioms Creatively

Using the most well-known idioms that have already won the hearts of the public will help your copy stand out. The trick is to come up with unique keyword combinations to use with them.


Beauty is screen deep.

Apple’s Creative Use of Idioms in Copywriting

8. Compare Yourself with Yourself

One of the most common copywriting tricks that Apple uses is comparison. Apple’s internal comparisons are interesting. I think this is a fantastic way to demonstrate its efficacy and growth over time.


You can get more done faster with a more powerful 8‑core CPU

More capable than ever

Up to 1.4x faster than M1 model2

Faster memory. And more of it. Editing photos is faster than ever in Adobe

An Illustration of How Apple Compares Its Latest Products with Older Versions

9. Focus on Distinctive Features

People will come to you if you persuade them that you’re special and then prove it to them. To show your uniqueness, focus on your Unique Selling Point (USP), or that which sets you apart from the competition. Your USP will pique the interest of the people you want to reach.


Powerful Perks. Only at Apple.

Because Apple makes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, they work together like no other devices can.

Largest, most advanced display yet.

Apple Card. It’s everything a credit card should be.

Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch ever built.

An Illustration of Apple’s Focus on Its Distinctive Features

10. Use Words Related to Senses

We perceive the world through our five senses, and we picture scenes with our mind’s eye. Using the five senses in our copy will give you the opportunity to consider all kinds of readers. For example, some readers think in visual terms, some in spatial, some in aural, and so on.


Look sharp.

Sound great.

MacBook Air was designed to thrill the senses.

Look your best with a camera that doubles the resolution and low-light performance of the previous generation.

Come through loud and clear on calls wherever you are, thanks to the three-mic array with advanced beamforming algorithms to capture clean audio.

Camera and mics. Be seen. Be heard.

Apple’s Use of Sense Words in Copywriting

11. Positive Adjectives Are Just Positive

According to research, popular authors use a lot more adjectives. There is power in the adjectives you choose. Adjectives help users visualize what you describe. You’ll have better conversion rates if you give users a clearer mental picture of what they’re buying.


Mind-blowing performance.

With even more of the speed and power efficiency of M1

Speedy. Substantial. Storage.

Brilliant and vivid photos

Rich contrast and sharp detail.

Apple’s Utilization of Positive Adjectives in Copywriting

12. Ask Questions

Questions engage the mind and give readers a good feeling. The trick is to use them wisely and make them serve a purpose. What better way to pique readers’ interest than with a compelling question that makes them think or evokes an emotion?


Thinking about a Mac or iPad for college? Powerful, dependable, compatible—Mac and iPad deliver on what’s important for your college life.

Have a question? Call a specialist or chat online.

Upgrading from a previous iPhone?

Switching from an Android phone?

Still have questions? Just ask.

Does it selfie? Does it ever.

Apple’s Use of Interrogative Language in Copywriting

13. The Shorter, The Stronger

Short sentences work well in a world where attention spans are short. Apple is aware of this and focuses on communicating just one key idea, one key message that summarizes everything about its product.


There’s power in silence.

All together now.

A leap in battery life.

Shoot macro.

Shortcuts to success.

Charges in no time.

Maps. Your guiding hand.

A case full of energy.

An Example of Apple’s Conciseness in Copywriting

14. Long for Little Letters

The same sounds or letters living together give your copy a lovely style. It also arouses attention and emotion, sets the mood, gives rhythm to the copy, and helps readers remember better. So, alliteration is one of the copywriting tricks that Apple uses.


Fumble, bumble, and tumble resistant.

Splish, splash, and spill resistant.

H2O. You’re good to go.

Light. Bright. Full of might.

The Use of Alliteration in Apple’s Copywriting

15. Contrast It, Bold It

Apple has a habit of frequently combining two contrasting words. The reason? By placing words that are opposites of one another next to one another, we can help users understand words and ideas better and add more precision to them.


Less to carry, more to love.

Built to last. Puts the earth first.

Easily attaches — and detaches —

A front camera that doesn’t take a back seat.

A touch on the sensor instantly unlocks your Mac, and a press locks it.

Apple’s Use of Antonyms in Copywriting


It’s important to use these copywriting tricks as they have proven to have a significant impact on customers’ decisions to purchase a product or not.

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