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15 Irresistible Psychedelic Shapes and Fonts for Your Funky Design

9 min read Aug 16, 2023
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Rolling back to its etymology, psychedelic is a concept derived from ancient Greek culture. It is a combination of the terms psyche (mind) and deloun (to manifest) which means “reveal the mind;” In the same vein, psychedelic shapes and fonts evoke a similar spirit. They are a reminder of the classical, free spiritual, and peculiar behavior, and also hallucinations extracted from LSD drugs. Interestingly enough, the purpose of these font types is to evoke psychological appeal rather than readability.

Psychedelic fonts are designed to evoke the aesthetic and cultural sensibilities of the psychedelic movement and hippie culture. Emerged in the mid-1960s, these fonts were characterized by a fascination with altered states of consciousness, colorful and intricate patterns, and an embrace of non-traditional art and design. Moreover, they often feature exaggerated curves, swirling shapes, and bold, bright colors, and may be difficult to read or decipher due to their unconventional forms. They can be used to create a retro or vintage look or to convey a sense of whimsy playfulness or rebellion.

Undoubtedly, a variety of digital or print projects can benefit from these fluid and colorful designs. Plenty of these snappy psychedelic fonts are available to assist designers in creating designs with a calming and far-out aesthetic. With this purpose in mind, a cursory study of various font types can enhance your design and offer more typographic options. Keep reading to explore our curated selection of visually captivating fonts below.

1- Tetradoth

With its psychedelic style, which is inspired by the calligraphy and handwriting style of fonts, Tetradoth is the work of Brightone art. It covers uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and a wide range of punctuation for your logo, posters, pouch bag design, labels, stickers, and branding.

Most European people (Eastern, Western, and Central) can easily access this font because of its multilingualism, and many assume it to be a classy and fabulous choice.

Tetradoth, designed by Brightone Art.

2- Funkydori

The lettering styles of the1970s inspired Laura Worthington to create Funkydori as a modernized version for the 21st century. It features bold, swooping curves and exaggerated terminals, giving it a playful and retro feel.

Funkydori is a script font that is intended for use in large sizes, such as for headlines, titles, and other display purposes. The font is available in both regular and bold weights, as well as an alternate version that includes additional swashes and decorative elements.

Overall, Funkydori is a fun and whimsical font well-suited for projects that require a touch of vintage flair and personality. It can be useful in a variety of design applications, such as advertising, packaging, book covers, and more.

Funkydori, designed by Laura Worthington Design.

3- Fracked

For those who need a little extra push, the popular psychedelic vintage font is ready to assist! Drizy Studio created this basic and astonishing font inspired by basic ancient fonts. Fracked supplies both uppercase and lowercase, numerals, and punctuation for multilinguals.

Without doubt, this bold and high-contrast font is especially suitable for vintage theme projects. It sets your work apart from numerous other designs, making it easily identifiable.

Fracked, designed by Drizy Studio.

4- California Sunshine

California Sunshine is a typeface that derives inspiration from the hand-painted lettering that was commonly seen on commercial signage in mid-20th century California, evoking the impression of wavy water reflections.

The California Sunshine typeface features a distinctive retro style, with bold, curvy letterforms that evoke the feeling of 1960s and 1970s California’s surf, skate, psych, and music. The font is available in both regular and bold weights and includes a full set of upper and lowercase characters, as well as numerals and various punctuation marks.

Overall, California Sunshine is a fun and playful typeface perfect for projects that require a touch of vintage charm and nostalgia. It is usable in a variety of design applications, such as advertising, packaging, music posters, and more. California Sunshine lends you a hand to refine your designs with a touch of summer.

California Sunshine, designed by MidnightFontParty.

5- Peculiar People

Peculiar People is a psychedelic hand-drawn font that has a powerful yet subtle style. Its playful and aesthetic design can be easily used in a fabulously wide range of projects, and it is perfect for music, artwork, psychedelic/experimental themes, and streetwear.

Peculiar People is also PUA encoded, providing easy access to glyphs and swashes. Give it a try and see how it boosts your creative ideas.

California Sunshine, designed by MidnightFontParty.

6- Euphoria Party

Euphoria Party Font is a groovy display typeface that takes cues from 1960s rock artists. This font looks great on medium and large text. You’ll enjoy the varieties that make styling your text simple. It has a bold and funky style with bold strokes in some places and tide ones in others.

It works well in bold headings and in pairs due to its bold texture. It’s up to you to decide where and how to use this cool font.

This is an excellent choice for making movie posters, game graphics, album covers, cartoon posters, labels, kid’s elements, and a variety of other dazzling products.

Euphoria Party Font is only available in a single regular style, including regular in TTF format, and in multiple languages.

Euphoria Party, designed by Putra Novembria Candra Kusuma and published by Putracetol.

7- Saike Deliq

Probably the best psychedelic design that bonds with your musical taste. Concerning its nominal resemblance with psychedelic, Saike Deliq is an all-caps font in its typeface. Big thanks to Typealiens Design invention, this font supports all characters, numerals, multi-languages, and punctuations.

This font with its twisty shape is popular with music poster covers and bands and fashion branding.

With all that in mind, escape the ordinary with Saike Deliq.

Saike Deliq, designed by TypeAliens.

8- Mesdag Font

Mesdag is an ideal and unique psychedelic font for your vintage designs, old classics, and designs from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. It comes with nine weights, alternates, discretionary ligatures, and more. Also, this font includes a variable style, numerals, and currency symbols, making it suitable for a wide range of projects such as headers, magazines, postcards, logos, and invitations.

Mesdag, designed by Creative Media Lab.

9- Celestic

Celestic is a whimsical display font that draws inspiration from the classic 1960s design styles such as bold and swash. It’s a vintage font with uppercase and lowercase characters, hundreds of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and OpenType features. It belongs to the serif typeface family and is ideal for making a strong statement with your logos. Furthermore, designers can easily apply this one-of-a-kind font to posters, t-shirts, social media, and signboards, among other things. It is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease.

Celestic, designed by Burntilldead.

10- Fontanio

Relating to its retro psychedelic style from the 60s, Fontanio is a Serif-based font. The most remarkable feature of this font is to use seven various weights on it. It can be classified from thin to black.

Fontanio is ideal for any project with a retro or classic aesthetic. It also includes multiple languages. Likewise, this font has convenient usage in any country or language as well as alternative styles to make your designs appealing. Try out a variety of Fontanio’s fonts to create your masterpiece.

Fontanio, designed by Ardyana Putra and published by Ardyanatypes.

11- Your Groovy Font

If you’re looking for a funk retro psychedelic font that has a 70s vibe, this is the font for you. Your Groovy font is a funky font that will highlight the chill and retro vibe of everything you write. Uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support are all included in this font. It is simple to set up and works on both PC and Mac. This font is applicable to retro posters, funky merchandise, magazines, movie titles, YouTube thumbnails, social media page covers, and other projects.

Your Groovy Font, designed by Tokokoo Studio.

12- Funkorama

FUNKORAMA is the best psychedelic font for matching disco floor vibes from the late 1970s to the modern era and it is famous for its vibrant and dynamic letterforms. The font features unique and playful shapes, often with exaggerated curves and embellishments, to create a lively and psychedelic appearance. The funky font works well for books, posters, party invitations, social media cover pages, YouTube covers, thumbnails, stationary, and music album covers.

Funkorama, designed by Pinisi Art.

13- The Stumble

You can’t be 60s true-blue and not remember memorable advertisements and logos of those years. The Stumble font reminds you of those exact memories. It is especially applied to logos, labels, magazines, books, wedding cards, packaging, invitations, fashion, make-up, stationery, novels, and any other advertising purpose. Some key features include uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, multilingual ligatures, alternates and swashes, and PUA encoded usage.

The Stumble, designed by Letterhend Studio.

14- Antikern

Antikern is an all caps, psychedelic styled display font that is perfect for music poster designs or fashion branding. It has a grunge style to create a rough texture that works well with bright retro color schemes. It is a classic rock music band’s dream font for surreal graphics for digital and print product packaging. Accordingly, Antikern is perfect for stickers, retro projects, craft projects, shirts, svg designs, procreate designs, branding, blogs, logos, invitations and more.

Use the wavy line structure to create text blocks with graphical significance that can serve as the project’s focal point. Add it with confidence to your favorite creations and your eyes won’t believe the results.

Antikern, designed by TypeAliens.

15- Anaglyph Isometric SVG Color Font

Discover a cool new type of technology that comes with an OpenType-SVG color vector font. Anaglyph is a fresh and unique psychedelic font that is 100% vector and professional. As a result, you can use this font to create logos, monograms, posters, and various fervent inscriptions. It creates a three-dimensional effect with vibrant colors, giving it a psychedelic and retro aesthetic.

Anaglyph Isometric SVG Color Font, designed by Graphic-Spirit.


Last but not least, you have familiarized yourself with 15 irresistible psychedelic shapes and fonts to apply to your most remarkable funky design. With this knowledge at hand, you can look deeper into these fonts and select according to your design purposes. Definitely, you can achieve an eye-catching website with these glazing fonts.

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